Live to earn or earn to live

We should work to earn enough money to live, not live to earn enough money to buy shit we don’t need.

The above phrase I have read from The Minimalists and it has made me think.

Why we need to earn so much to live the life we don’t like to live? It seems that we want that life which is full of stuff, clothes, foods, gifts, books for adorning our bookshelf! But do we really?

First time in my life, I am earning less, much lesser than I used to earn. Still, I am only earning as much as I need to so that I can invest in other activities I enjoy instead of getting ruled by a job that I don’t like to have a lifestyle I don’t enjoy.

I live very simply. Though there are still a lot of things to let go of, I am on my way. It feels good that I am not alone.

And believe me earning to suit my current lifestyle is thrilling, not the other way around!


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