Follow your nature

Wait, do I  have my own nature?

Yes, you do.

You don’t know yet and that’s the reason you strive so much.

We all have our own unique nature. If we follow our nature, everything will fall into place. You will attract the right people, right opportunities and right lessons.

If not, you will keep on striving forever.

But how would you follow your nature?

Do three things –

First, seek solitude. Enjoy with others. But take out a chunk of time for yourself where you can sit, relax and think or just go with the flow. If you find solitude, out of nowhere you will receive ideas and insights. All you need to do is to follow those ideas and act on them. If you have any doubt about it, go seek more solitude.The answers are not anywhere. The answers are inside you. Solitude will help you uncover them.

Second, act on your stupid ideas. If you feel like having an ice-cream in the winter season, go have a scoop. The reasoning is important, but not as much as your instincts. Your instincts will tell you, guide you and you need to act on them even when logically you don’t find any connection.

Third, don’t emulate anyone. No. No-one. You don’t have any idea about anyone. You only know what you can see. Take ideas from people. And learn. But no, don’t copy. You, yourself are a great creation. No need to be a second version of anybody.

In this hasty world, practicing these three things is hard, I know. But pick one that seems easy for you and do a little. See how it makes you feel. If you feel good, do some more and if not, try it another time.

I have found that by following my nature, I feel more peaceful and mindful and happy. My nature is to write. Without seeking anything in return. I write because I love to. I don’t love to strive. I just sit, write and connect with my nature.

I am also a professional writer and I write for businesses. When I write for businesses, I write for money. I am clear. I need to make a living. And I’m grateful to these businesses which allow me to make a living. But I have limits. I don’t take more than 3 clients at a time. Rest of the time, I think, I read and I write just because I want to.

Following your nature doesn’t mean you need to give up your present occupation. You will if you have to eventually. But not now. Figure yourself out first. Know who you are. Seek solitude. Know your inclinations. Act on them. And then see how it makes you feel.

There is no work-life balance. There is no balance either. Balance is an illusory concept. There are only limits. And you need to know them. Just limit your occupation to a degree where you don’t need to cross lines and snatch time from your personal life for your occupation. No. Decide how much you would work for money. And then rest of the time is yours. For you to choose what you want to do with your life.

I understand that you may have a different goal and it may be making a lot of money. If you feel, this is your nature, do so. But please, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are becoming something you know you are not.

Follow your nature and the rest will fall into place.


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