Taking the “I” out of picture

I don’t think ego is bad like most people declare. I think in times, ego serves a purpose. And I like my ego.

Yes, you may laugh. But you know too, ego is the distinction between who you are and who you are not. Ego may always cross the line and demands its existence everywhere we go or everything we do, but still, ego is good if we don’t allow it too much to interfere with our every action.

For example, if you create something and say you created it, that’s good. But if you create something and you feel that you are better off than other humans on earth because you created it, then one must say that ego has crossed lines and trespassed into all of your territories.

So, I love ego in pride, not in boastfulness. I am proud because I am able to write this to you. But I am not boastful because I know we all are one of the best in this infinite universe.

Why “one of the best”?

Because while struggling with the other sperms, I won. And same with you. And same with her. And with him.

So I am not the wonder of the world after all because I am as important as you are. And you are as beautiful as I am. But we all go through different experiences and meet different people and explore different adventures and like doing different things.

These whole things make us different.

Otherwise, we all are a tiny, minuscule entity of this small planet called earth which is just a dot of what is the whole universe.

Why then put so much emphasis on “I”, when from a faraway distance we would not be even called a ‘dot’?


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