Why we all are not created equal?

When I was in my early twenties, I used to think – why God has not created all of us healthy? Why there are differently-able people who still suffer from the squint looks, frowned eyebrows and not-so-kind behaviors?

I was sad.

I couldn’t find an answer even after constantly asking and praying.

At that time, I used to have a foundation which I built to create educational awareness among students. So I used to travel by public transport and meet different people.

One day, I was traveling and with a younger guy, I just had a casual chat. That chat was about God and how God is kind and helps every being prosper. Then he took my phone number and left.

Later that week, he messaged me and asked – “You told that God is kind, why then God didn’t create all of us as equals?”

I wondered – this is the exact same question I was struggling with. Then later that day while doing my chore in the kitchen I discovered the answer out of no-where.

Since then my approach has changed and my concept of God has transformed.

A voice spoke inside me – “God doesn’t create all of us equal because God wants to see how people who are perfectly healthy and prosperous treat people who are less fortunate.”

I wrote back to that guy.

He said – “I will remember that forever.”

And we never had a chat since then.

Whenever I think about this guy, I remember that maybe God wanted me to converse with him to understand a deep truth about life. And thank God, I did.


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