The idea of reaching somewhere

There was a time in my life when I was fascinated by reaching somewhere, somewhere better than where I was at that moment.

So, I was always relentless, restless, running, chasing one particular goal which I thought would make me happier.

I had reached several times at my preconceived destinations, but to my utter surprise, I didn’t feel happier than I was. I didn’t feel as if I had become something more than I was before.

Later, in my life, as I introspected more, I found out that it’s a mind game to make you feel better now with an idea of reaching somewhere nicer in near or distant future.

If you set a goal, the goal becomes beautiful until the time you are trying to reach toward it. The moment you reach there, the act of letting go begins.

Thus, I have no goals. By seduction of my own mind, I tried to set goals in between, here and there, sometimes, but it didn’t work so well once I’ve realized that it would not make me feel any better.

Thus, the idea of reaching somewhere doesn’t entice me anymore. I am happy wherever I am, at peace and at ease. I don’t need to become anything I am not already.

People become unhappy when they don’t get what they want. People become unhappy when they get what they want because they can’t hold on to it for longer. So they keep on striving, keep on trying to achieve something for all their life.

And alas! Life passes by silently while they are busy playing the game of reaching somewhere better, at least better than the present moment.

I advocate – there is none. No moment is better than this moment. No moment is an ordinary moment. Your life is not going to be better or worse because you want it. It will because things change by themselves.

Take a deep breath. Look around. Feel free. And enjoy this moment fully.

And please the idea of reaching somewhere, let it be an idea only, don’t worry about it!


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