Why we are unkind to one another?

You don’t need to do a thing to be kind; you are already kind. Kindness is your nature. Perhaps you are not aware when you act as if you are not kind.

So do I. So does every human being on earth.

No-one can be unkind (even if they choose to). They are simply unaware of their unkind habits or actions.

I have two possible explanations for this –

First, people who seem to you as unkind are kind to those whom they feel dear. Even you. You can be cruel to the nearest shopkeeper, but can you let your baby sleep without feeding him first? I know, it is a hypothesis, but really think about it. Can a person who is acting cruelly to you is not kind to another human?

Second, people act out of their consciousness. Unfortunately, they don’t act out of what we expect them to act like. So, if you seek kindness from the person you meet today or live with now, there is only one possible way you can impact his consciousness. And that is to act kindly. Yes, even when he is not kind to you.

I have not mastered these things. I’m far from being perfect. But I have been trying to find the reasons why people are unkind to each other! Is it because they are unkind by nature? No. They are unkind in their awareness. They don’t know enough to be kind. I will repeat this sentence but in a different manner. They don’t know themselves enough (including myself) to be kind.

If you have spent few minutes reading this, what would be your takeaway?


  • Know more about you. You would realize you are kind by nature. Because you are nature itself. Write down what you feel. Reflect. Be mindful. Think.
  • Act kindly even when you feel that you have every right to be rude.

Let’s make this world (our world) a better place, one step at a time.


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