Make one thing your entire world!

What would you do if you are completely immersed in one thing, the thing that you are doing right now?

Nothing exists anywhere, not in your mind or around.

All you have aware of is – you and the task.

How would it be different?

  • You will experience calmness.
  • You will not feel overwhelmed by your to-do lists and numerous numbers of tasks you need to do.
  • You will be absolutely present in this moment.
  • You will experience joy in doing the thing you are doing right now.

For example, I am writing this article right now. And I am completely immersed in the words, the thoughts of putting down the right word one after another and nothing else. I am absolutely present in the task. There is no distraction and no anxiousness.

If you feel that you can’t concentrate on one task at a time, it’s because you have never tried it. Here’s what I recommend  –

  • Start with a small task (tiny – e.g. 5 minutes of reading, 3 minutes of meditation or 10 minutes of writing etc.)
  • Shut the door or close out any distraction (if you can put off the internet).
  • Leave room for only you and the task at hand.
  • Immerse yourself completely into the task. If you get distracted, bring back your attention to your breath and start again.
  • Practice for a week.
  • You will see that you will never go back to any other type of productivity hack.

Making this one task your entire world will help you find peace amid the noise. You don’t need to achieve a lot with this simple practice. Just do one thing. And then just do another by following the similar approach. And another.

I wrote an entire book on it. If you are interested, you can check it out here.





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